Almost Heaven by Judith McNaught – #1 New York Times bestselling author Judith McNaught crafts a powerful and unforgettable tale of two willful lovers in a.. . Almost Heaven Judith McNaught. In this classic novel of two willful lovers caught in a breathless adventure of deception and betrayal, #1 New. York Times. Editorial Reviews. From Publishers Weekly. Well-developed main characters with a compelling $ Read with Our Free App; Hardcover Let New York Times bestselling author Judith McNaught who “is in a class by herself” (USA TODAY).

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The Countess of Havenhurst, Lady Elizabeth Cameron, possesses a rare gentleness and fierce courage to match her exquisite beauty. But when she is discovered in the arms of Ian Thorton—notorious gambler and social outcast—her reputation is shattered. Unfortunately, this journey is fraught with intrigue, scandal, and a venomous revenge. Will Elizabeth find true love or is Ian merely a ruthless fortune hunter at heart? There are more than thirty million copies of her books in print.

She lives in Texas. Well-developed main characters with a compelling mutual attraction give strength and charm to this romance set in 19th-century Great Britain. People have been waiting for this book for years… Until You takes you on a roller-coaster ride of emotions. By portraying her protagonists with verve and good humor, and adroitly mixing corporate maneuvers and passionate encounters, McNaught has produced a captivating tale. A perennial favorite, Judith McNaught adds a new layer of suspense to her latest romantic release.

Her unique voice and talent shine through in this exciting tale of loyalty, love and danger. Judith McNaught not only spins dreams, but she makes them come true She makes you laugh, cry and fall in love again. This book is a cherished treasure. Judith McNaught is a magical dreamspinner, a sensitive writer who draws on our childhood hopes and reminds us of loves power.

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Almost Heaven

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Add to Cart Add to Cart. All of them carried identical, urgent messages that Lady Elizabeth’s uncle, Mr. Julius Cameron, had directed them to deliver at fifteen homes throughout England. The recipients of these messages all had only one thing in common: They had once offered for Lady Elizabeth’s hand in marriage.

All fifteen of these gentlemen, upon reading the message, exhibited shock at its contents. Some of them were incredulous, others derisive, and still others cruelly satisfied. Twelve of them promptly wrote out replies declining Julius Cameron’s outrageous suggestion, then they hurried off in search of friends with whom they could sham this unsurpassed, delicious piece of incredible gossip. Three of the recipients reacted differently.

Lord John Marchman had just returned from his favorite daily pastime of hunting when the Havenhurst servant arrived at his home, and a footman brought him the message. The message stated that Mr. Julius Cameron was desirous of seeing his niece, Lady Elizabeth Cameron, suitably and immediately wed. To that end, Mr. Cameron said he would now be willing to reconsider John’s previously rejected offer for Lady Elizabeth’s hand.

Cognizant of the year and a half that had passed since they had been in each other’s company, Julius Cameron volunteered to send his niece, properly chaperoned, to spend a night with John so that they might “renew their acquaintance. Raking a hand through his sandy hair, he glanced distractedly at the wall beside him, which was completely covered with his most prized possessions — the heads of the animals he’d hunted in Europe and abroad.


A moose stared back at him through glazed eyes; beside it a wild boar snarled.

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Reaching up, he scratched the moose behind its antlers in an affectionate, if ludicrous, gesture that expressed his gratitude for the splendid day of hunting that particular prize ehaven afforded him. A vision of Elizabeth Cameron danced enchantingly before his eyes — an incredibly lovely face with green eyes, cameo skin, and soft, smiling lips.

A year and a half ago, when he’d met her, he’d thought her the most beautiful girl he’d ever seen. After meeting her only twice he’d been so taken with the charming, unaffected seventeen-year-old girl that he’d dashed off to her brother and offered for her, only to be coldly rejected.

Evidently Elizabeth’s uncle, who was now her guardian, judged John by different standards. Perhaps the lovely Lady Elizabeth herself had been mcnauyht this decision; perhaps their two meetings in the park had meant as much to her as they had to him. Getting up, John wandered over to the third wall, ujdith held a variety of fishing poles, and thoughtfully selected one. The trout would be biting this afternoon, he decided as he remembered Elizabeth’s magnificent honey-colored hair. Her hair had glistened in the sunlight, hdaven him of the shimmering scales of a beautiful trout as it breaks the water.

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The analogy seemed so perfect and so poetic that Lord Marchman stopped, spellbound by his own phrasing, and put the fishing pole down. He would compliment Elizabeth’s hair in exactly those words, he decided, when he accepted her uncle’s offer and mcnaugut came to his home next month. Sir Francis Belhaven, the fourteenth recipient of Julius Cameron’s message, read it while sitting in his bedchamber wrapped in a satin dressing gown, his mistress naked and waiting for him in his bed across the room.

He enjoyed women immensely — their bodies, their faces, their bodies Now, however, he needed a legitimate heir, and for that he needed a wife. During the last year he’d been giving a good deal of thought to his rather stringent requirements for the lucky young lady he would eventually choose.

He fee a young wife as well as a beautiful wife with money of her own so she wouldn’t squander his. Glancing up from Julius’s message, he gazed hungrily at Eloise’s breasts and mentally added a new requirement for his future wife: She must be jucith about his sensual appetite and his need for variety on his sexual menu. It would not do for her to pucker up like a prune merely because he was involved in one trivial little affair or another.

At the age of forty-five, he had no intention of being ruled by some chit with pious notions of morality and fidelity. A vision of Elizabeth Cameron was superimposed against his naked mistress. What a lush little beauty she’d been when he’d offered for her nearly two years ago. Her breasts had been ripe, her waist tiny, her face Since then gossip had it that she was practically destitute after her brother’s mysterious disappearance, but her uncle had indicated that she would bring a sizable dowry, which meant the gossip was as wrong as always.

Caressingly he laid a hand on her hip, but he reached for the bell pull with his other hand. He handed over the note and said, “Instruct my secretary to send an affirmative reply. Ian opened Julius Cameron’s missive while he was in the midst of rapid-fire dictation to his new alost, and he did not take nearly so long to make a decision as Lord John Marchman or Sir Francis Belhaven.


He stared at it in utter disbelief while his secretary, Peters, who’d fref been with him for a fortnight, muttered a silent prayer of gratitude for the break and continued scribbling as fast as he could, trying futilely to catch up with his employees dictation. In either case, it’s in excruciatingly bad taste. She’d been betrothed to a viscount when he’d met judiht. Obviously she hadn’t married her viscount — no doubt she’d jilted him in favor of someone with even better prospects.

The English nobility, as he well knew, married only for prestige and money, then looked elsewhere for sexual fufillment. Evidently Elizabeth Cameron’s relatives were putting her back on the marriage block. If so, they must be damned eager to unload her if they were willing to forsake a title for Ian’s money That line of conjecture seemed so unlikely that Ian dismissed it. This note was obviously a stupid prank, perpetrated, no doubt, by someone who remembered the gossip that had exploded over that weekend house party — someone who thought he’d find the note amusing.

Completely dismissing the prankster and Elizabeth Cameron from his mind, Ian glanced at his harassed secretary who was frantically scribbling away. As he spoke he flipped the message across his desk toward his secretary, but the white parchment slid across the polished oak and floated to the floor.

Peters made an awkward dive to catch it, but as he lurched sideways all the other correspondence that went with his dictation slid off his lap onto the floor.

Thornton,” he added, frantically snatching up contracts, invitations and letters and shoving them into a disorderly pile. His employer appeared not to bear him. He was already rapping out more instructions and passing the corresponding invitations and letters across the desk. Send my condolences on this one.


On this one, explain that I’m going to be in Scotland, and send an invitation to join me there, along with directions to the cottage. But it was hard to be confident when one was on one’s knees. Harder still when one wasn’t entirely certain which instructions of the morning went with which invitation or piece of correspondence.

Ian Thornton spent the rest of the afternoon closeted with Peters, heaping more dictation on the inundated clerk. He spent the evening with the Earl of Melbourne, his future father-in-law, discussing the betrothal contract being drawn up between the earl’s daughter and himself.

Peters spent part of his evening trying to learn from the butler which invitations his employer was likely to accept or reject. Pocket Books June Length: Judith McNaught once again works her unique magic in this charming, sparkling romance.

Judith McNaught comes close to an Edith Wharton edge. A mixture of virtue and passion that is almost—ahem—perfect. Judith McNaught is in a class by herself. The ultimate love story, one you can dream about forever. A wonderful love story…fast-paced and exciting…great dialogue!

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