Stutzman’s 3rd edition of Antenna Theory and Design provides a more pedagogical approach with a greater emphasis on computational. Con 9 yt Wk So Aare red Pied sian in Cana {tinue oe 9% Oe Ste Cops coon ace ee iro Comes aging i Pte Date PREFACE ‚ÄúThis book isthe rst of. Antenna Theory and Design has 28 ratings and 2 reviews. Cullen said: This book was horrible. For an Antenna Engineer (who has nothing better to do) it wo.

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Antenna Theory and Design

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Stutzman theorg, Gary A. This introduction to antenna theory and design is suitable for senior undergraduate and graduate courses on the subject. Its emphasis on both principles and design makes it perfect both as a college text and as a reference to the practicing engineer.

Antenna Theory and Design, 3rd Edition

The final three chapters on computational electromagnetics for antennas are suitable for graduate work. Stutzman provides more of a pedagogical approach than its competitors, placing a greater emphasis on a concise easily understandable presentation of fundamentals and applications as well as computational methods.


This third edition has stutzzman completely revised. New topics have been added on antennas for personal and mobile communications and base station antennas. Coverage of systems applications of antennas, arrays, microstrip and low-profile antennas, and antenna measurements has been updated and expanded, including more examples applied to modern applications. Request an Evaluation Copy for this title. View Instructor Companion Site.

Antenna Theory and Design: Warren L. Stutzman, Gary A. Thiele: : Books

Contact your Rep for all inquiries. View Student Companion Site. Stutzman has been on the electrical engineering faculty of Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University since and has served as the director of the Antenna Group from its beginning in until He served two terms as Interim Department Head.

Request permission to reuse content from this site. Antenna Theory and Design, 3rd Edition.

Added to Your Shopping Cart. Description This introduction to antenna theory and design stufzman suitable for senior undergraduate theofy graduate courses on the subject. Student View Student Companion Site. Permissions Request permission to reuse content from this site. Antenna Fundamentals Chapter 3: Simple Radiating Systems Chapter 4: System Applications for Antennas Chapter 5: Line Sources Chapter 6: Wire Antennas Chapter 7: Broadband Antennas Chapter 8: Array Antennas Chapter 9: Aperture Antennas Chapter Antenna Synthesis Chapter Antenna Measurements Chapter The Method of Moments Chapter Modern material has been added to make the book more exciting to undergraduates and more relevant to practicing engineers.


Antenna Theory and Design by Warren L. Stutzman

Chapter 4 stutzkan systems, Chapter 11 on low-profile elements, and Chapter 12 on base station antennas. In addition, a new chapter Chapter 1 is devoted to an overview of antennas and their application with emphasis on motivating the student.

Some organizational changes have been made to improve understanding and college course flow. The array chapter is moved to later in the book and system material combined deesign moved earlier.

More details have been added to selected important topics. The topic of measurements has been expanded into a full chapter Chapter Fundamental principles treated in detail with explanations Detailed development of array antennas to learn influence of antenna parameters amtenna radiation as well as understanding arrays as used in practice.

Low-profile and personal communication antennas, mobile and base station antennas, RFID antennas, dielectric resonator antennas, smart antennas, near fields of antennas, and biohazards of RF exposure.