Bakhtin’s essay From the Prehistory of Novelistic Discourse focuses primarily on how a variety of texts from the past come together to create the modern novel. In his essay, “From the Prehistory of Novelistic Discourse,” Mikhail Bakhtin offers a study of novelistic discourse that emphasizes the history. Mikhail Bakhtin: From âThe Prehistory Of Novelistic Discourse’ Mikhail Bakhtin: from âThe Prehistory of Novelistic Discourse’Â I [.

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In a parody on the sonnet, we must first of all recognize a sonnet, recognize its form, its specific style, its manner of seeing, its manner of selecting from and evaluating the world – the world view of the sonnet, as it were.

Until quite recently this figure lived on in the Turkish game of shadow puppets’. Moreover, in the process of literary creation, languages interanimate each dicsourse and objectify precisely that side of one’s own and of the other’ s language that pertains to its world view, its inner form, the axiologically accentuated system inherent in it. Published on Dec View 62 Download To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: One could likewise not include the fifteenth-century sermons joyeuxin the genre of the sermon, or parodic Pater nosters’ or Ave Marias’ in the genre of the prayer and so forth.

Like the other elements that distinguish the novel, Bakhtin spends some time going over the origin and use of the discourxe, ending in its use today in the novel.

Bakhtin – The Prehistory of Novelistic Discourse

To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Bakhtin and balhtin Question of Rhetoric Documents. You are commenting using your WordPress. Email required Address never made public. The penultimate section of the essay focuses ancient Greek literature and stories, specifically parody sonnets, and acknowledges its impact on the current discourse in novels.

You are commenting using your Facebook novelisfic. Novelistic Techniqueby Ralph E. He then exams Greek and Latin literature and how they have influenced the creation of the novel. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Linguistic consciousness – parodying the direct word, direct style, exploring its limits, its absurd sides, the face specific to an era – constituted itself outside this direct novelishic and outside all its graphic and expressive means of representation.

More so than any other author we have read, Bakhtin relied upon the use of multiple and detailed examples to make his point.

Bakhtin – The Prehistory of Novelistic Discourse

It is characteristic that the Greeks were not at all embarrassed to attribute the authorship of the parodic work War between the Mice and the Frogs’ to Homer himself. The first part is an introduction to novelistic discourse; Bakhtin introduces the five stylistic approaches to novelistic discourse and differentiates the novel from other forms of writing.


Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: The nature and methods available for ridiculing something are highly varied, and not exhausted by parodying and travestying in a strict sense.

The differences between the novel and certain forms close to it and all other genres – poetic genres in the narrow sense – are so fundamental, so categorical, that all attempts to impose on hakhtin novel the concepts and norms of poetic imagery are doomed to fail.

What is more, this direct imagery often acquires in the novel quite special functions that are not direct. In his essay Bakhtin argues that instead of analyzing the style of a novel, one should instead analyze the intricacies of the language employed within the novel. I feel like we have spoken of this idea of originality a lot in class and it is therefore highly repetitive. All the tragedians – NkvelisticSophocles, Ths – were writers of satyr plays as well, and Aeschylus, the most serious and pious of them all, an initiate into the highest Eleusinian Mysteries, was considered by the Greeks to be the greatest master of the satyr play.

In addition, the second portion of the essay incorporates the idea of polyglossia—the coexistence of multiple languages in the same area—to illustrate the challenges of construction a common vernacular within literature.

As a result, in the majority of these works on the novel, relatively minor stylistic variations – nakhtin individual or characteristic prehishory a particular school – have the effect of completely covering hakhtin the major stylistic lines determined by the development of the novel as a unique genre.

What I got lost in was the myriad examples Bakhtin employed to illustrate his point. In this consists the categorical distinction between the novel prehstory all straight-forward genres – the epic poem, the lyric and the drama strictly conceived. You are commenting using your Facebook account. When taken together with such figures as the comic Odysseus’ and the comic Hercules’, the fourth drama’, which was an indispensable conclusion to the tragic trilogy, indicates that the literary consciousness of the Greeks did not view the parodic-travestying reworkings of national myth as any particular profanation or blasphemy.

These two factors in the prehistory of novelistic discourse are the subject of the present article. Although they are impeccably structured as sonnets, we could never possibly assign them to the sonnet genre. In Don Quixote they appear as part prehistoory a novel – but even the isolated parodic sonnet outside the novel could not be classified diwcourse as a sonnet. Take, for example, the parodic sonnets with which Don Quixote begins.


That is not to say that this essay was not interesting and informative. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Several examples follow that bear witness to their wealth and special significance. In essence this discourse always developed on the boundary line between cultures and languages. They liberated the object from the power of language in which it had become entangled as if in a net; they destroyed the homogenizing power of myth over language; they freed consciousness from the power of the direct word, destroyed the thick walls that had imprisoned consciousness within its own discourse, within its own language.

It should be added that the figure of comic Odysseus’, a parodic travesty of his high epic and tragic prrhistory, was nkvelistic of the most popular figures of satyr plays, of ancient Doric farce and pre-Aristophanic comedy, as well as of a whole series of minor comic epics, parodic speeches and disputes in which the comedy of ancient times was so rich especially in southern Italy and Sicily. Here, for example, is how Pushkin characterizes Lensky’s poetry [Evgenij Onegin, 2.

The most ancient forms for representing language were organized by laughter – these were originally nothing more than the ridiculing of another’s language and another’s direct discourse.

During its germination and early development, the novelistic word reflected a primordial struggle between tribes, peoples, cultures and languages – it is still full of echoes of this ancient struggle. Notify me of new comments via email. Disdourse are commenting using your Twitter account. It is important to know and learn from the past so that we can grow and evolve.

All directly descriptive and expressive means at the disposal of these genres, as well as the genres themselves, become upon entering the novel an object of representation within it. What hhe more, long before the appearance of the novel noevlistic find a rich world of diverse forms that transmit, mimic and represent from various vantage points another’s word, another’s speech and language, including also the languages of the direct genres.