I am not a fan of Boolean operations but I am planning of taking CATIA v5 Certification Exams, and Boolean Operations are a part of the exam. Hi all. It is a long time I did not wrote anything. I was bit busy with my personal work. Let’s start with Boolean operations; many people don’t. What exactly is the purpose of Boolean Operation in CATIA V5. As I dont see it helps much in making shapes which are not possible to make.

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This is the diagram I drew: How to draw a line between these two planes?

I successfully created offset to a plane but failed to draw a line. I can’t able to do it.

Tell me step by step procedure. Why did you ignore my save file?

Boolean Operations in CATIA

Use a Circular Pattern to copy the mounting pad and hole around the center axis. I created a model like this: If Possible correct the diagram, This I guess you projected the front edge which is operarion with the corner fillets. If you rotate the view, you can better see the rear and front Results 1 to 5 of 5.

  ASHRAE 110-95 PDF

Join Date Oct Posts I am puzzled with Boolean operations, I catua some advice to figure out how it works! So, here is what I do. Then, inserted a new body plus sign in front of the body icon in the specification tree and created a new simple PAD one more rectanglethe plus sign is still on the icon, no changesapplied ADD operation or added the second PAD from the inserted body to the PartBody.

Okay, here we go, I have one solid!

Why and when should we use the Boolean operation in catia?

Good, it is fine, that is what I expected! ADD operations is supposed to ignore polarity, as far as I know! Please help to figure it out? Join Date Jul Posts 1, Nothing is wrong – everything is working as it should.

It doesn’t matter if its a positive Pad or a negative Pocket – ADD only considers the shape of the body and it ignores the polarity. If you make the negative body the work object, you will see the shape that is being added.

Product Design Engineering: CATIA (Boolean Operations, Changing plane sketch, Multi-sections solid)

JPG but adding a pad to a “-” body gives us something different even though we used Pads on both: And we can see the end results of adding these pads to all 6 of boolesn boolean bodies: Boolean Operations and multi-body part files are normally not required.


Thank you for your reply!

caria No possibility to have a try at the exam … Does anybody know where I can get a step by step guide how to use the operations, not just a general CATIA v5 noolean Could you please make a video or more detailed screenshots?

How to draw a line between these December 28th, Is it possible to use Use a Circular Pattern to copy the mounting pad and hole around the center axis Is it possible to use December 27th, Why can’t I project like this?

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