PDF | Crataeva religiosa Hook and Forst belonging to family Capparidaceae ( Cappaceae) was selected based on its ethnopharmacological. Sethi, V.K.; Jain, M.P.; Thakur, R.S., Chemical constituents of crataeva religiosa. Indian Foundation for Butterflies. plants//Crataeva-religiosa. Share on facebook email page Share by email.

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Frataeva on the chemical constituents of the food plants of the insects 1 terpenic constituents of aristolochia debilis heterotropa spp and crataeva religiosa. Journal of Natural Products 50 4: Chemical constituents of Crataeva nurvala Buch-ham leaves. Indian Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences 68 6: Chemical constituents of flowers of Crataeva nurvala Buch-Ham. National Journal of Plant Improvement 7 2: Chemical constituents of the root bark of Crataeva nurvala Ham.

Triterpene from Crataeva religiosa.

Bull Calcutta Sch Trop Med 7 3: Crataeva religiosa, re,igiosa new host for Alternaria alternata. Pub y27 3 Reproductive biology of Crataeva religiosa Forst.


Current Science 90 5: Levo epiafzelechin 5 o beta d glucoside from crataeva religiosa. Phytochemistry Oxford 23 Pharmacognostic studies on the stem bark of crataeva religiosa.

Bulletin of the Botanical Society of Bengal 29 1: Suppression of T lymphocyte activity by lupeol isolated from Crataeva religiosa. PhytoTherapy Research 20 4: Rekigiosa brachy sclereids of crataeva religiosa d a member of the capparidaceae d abstract.

Indian Science Congress Association Proceedings 54 3: Chemical constituents of crataeva religiosa.