This book reveals a new sensiblility in architecture, exemplified by the projects of seven contemporary architects. The designs represent the independent efforts. Deconstructivism is a movement of postmodern architecture which appeared in the s, . Phillip Johnson and Mark Wigley, Deconstructive Architecture, p. Common among the two shows was the presence of Philip Johnson— architecture curator at MoMA from and , and guest.

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Critics discussing the phenomenon of deconstructionism use the entire complex of the phraseology developed by Derrida. However, the concept of deconstructionism to be understood explicitly as the concept of constructivism with the proviso that the two concepts have nothing to do with thestructure a component architecture.

Deconstructionism is simply removing the essence of architecture. Constructivism was an abstract, mystical attitude, aimed at creating a new reality – or rather – over-the reality.

Deconstructivist architecture – Philip Johnson, Mark Wigley – Google Books

Because it was completely anti-functionalist, can be readily harnessed in the service of any utopian ideology. The best example of anti-logic, anti-rationalist and anti-functional constructivism is Wolkenbugel El Lissitzky’ego of on the left.


The office building was put up in the clouds, and connected to the earth with lifts and installation shafts. The object itself is interesting, but forced to the question – why?.

The only effect of such a concept is to increase the cost of building and difficulty of life for its users. Under the building there is no park, no benches.

The Impact of Deconstructivist Architecture

There are only a roadway, as depicted in futuropolis of Sant’Elia. Proportion of buildings indicate that all can fit on the ground. The lifts are completely unnecessary.

They are only a symbol of modernity. Art for art’s sake.

Deconstructivism – Wikipedia

The whole constructivism is irrational in nature and there is nothing wrong in that as long as it belongs to pure art. His transfer to the field of architecture must lead to disaster.

Constructivism of Gabo and Pevsner did not create the structure of reality, but drconstructivist structure of works of art. In the catalog of the exhibition “Architecture of deconstruction” MoMA,Philip Johnson and Mark Wigley posted, that projects in this exhibition represent a different sensibility, in which the dream of pure form has been disturbed.

  DVGW G 491 PDF

Architecture becomes deconstructivist, if it storms our ability to think on the form. Elsewhere, Philip Johnson also argues that “the creation of strange buildings uses the hidden potential of modernism. Architects defined as deconstructivist created some wonderful buildings, but in these structures there is no trace of what distinguishes deconstructionism from architecture.

Everything else is – sometimes impressive, sometimes for only spectacular, but always pretentious – nonsense. We do not know which is worse – the monotony of geometric boxes, or drunken folly of the walls.

Below most famous works of the most famous deconstructivist or deconstructionist.