So, after the past week or so I have been searching for a good 2D game programming book / tutorial in Direct2D. Why D2D, you ask, and not. Hello, so I read a lot of marketing blabla that Direct2D is a great api for 2D Does anyone knows a Direct2D tutorial that shows how to use it. Further material is available on Pluralsight where Kenny Kerr has a series of tutorials on Direct2D fundamentals. It’s the best coverage of.

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A new major release of Simple2D is now available the download link can be found at the bottom of the page.

Good Direct2D tutorial out there? – C++ Forum

Improvements have been made to scene objects, user interface objects and object groups, experimental support for skinning has been added, as well as support for XInput-compatible gamepads. The main changes are targeting of Direct2D 1. Run-time support for Windows Vista and compile-time support for Visual Studio is dropped although it still compiles with warnings.


Until now we have just used a fairly arbitrary demo level that was hard-wired into our game code. This is neither very flexible nor very fast.

The solution, of course, is to make a level editor application which can save levels into files that the game can load. Basic level editor for our platform game.

Katy got her first computer at age 3 and learned to read, write and code at the same time.

Programming Direct2D – Part 1

She still can’t read a map, though. Become a patron or donate to help me with my bucket list.

Katy’s Code Game, graphics, web and other software development topics. What It Takes 2. Setup and playing sounds 2.

Embedded Audio Resources 4. Frequency Analysis FFTs 5. Collision Detection Tweaks 3.

Creating a Simple Direct2D Application – Windows applications | Microsoft Docs

Scrolling and Backgrounds 4. Level Files and Editors Collision Detection Edge Cases High Score Table 5. Graphics and Animation 7. Gamepad support Asteroids 1. Prototype Analysis LightSwitch for Games 1. Introduction and First Project 2. Creating a Web Interface 4. Adding gamepad support to your Windows game 2.


Mapping gamepad buttons and analog movement to Windows keyboard events Usage example: The Earth and The Nature of Planets tuforial.

Game Development Walkthroughs Tags: I’m a software developer with very limited work capacity due to having the debilitating illness M. Object initialization and assignment, lvalues and rvalues, copy and move semantics and the copy-and-swap idiom Tutoriap Scrolling and Parallax Backgrounds. Top Create a free website or blog at WordPress. Post was not sent – check your email addresses! Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email.

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