An IMPORTANT NOTICE at the end of this data sheet addresses availability, warranty, .. and is a step-down replacement for the 5-V DS90C Quad Driver. The DS90C is a quad CMOS differential line driver de- signed for applications requiring ultra low power dissipation and high data rates The device is. DS90C datasheet, DS90C pdf, DS90C data sheet, datasheet, data sheet, pdf, National Semiconductor, LVDS Quad CMOS Differential Line Driver.

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For and on behalf of the President of India, Sr.

अंतिरक्ष उपयोग कद्र(इसरो) space applications centre (isro)

Interested tenderers may download the same from the website and submit their offer along with Tender fee of Rs. While submitting your offer superscribe Tender No. If the documents are requisitioned by post, the following points shall be noted: Separate request letter and separate Demand Draft shall be sent for each tender document. Please send your offer as per enclosed instructions only.

Offer not conforming to the instructions will be rejected. Fax offer will not be accepted. Your offer should be valid for days. Quotation received without such declaration and valid registration certificate will not be considered for exemption under Public Procurement Policy.

The drafts should be submitted with the technical Bid. Installation and Commissioning a. OEM is responsible for I. Dwtasheet, configuration and commissioning of latest version daasheet Antivirus software and its add ons on desktops, workstations, servers, gateways and all the required machines at SAC Main campus, Bopal campus and DES Delhi.

Migration of configuration, data, logs, etc from existing version to datashheet version. Installation and commissioning within a week datasgeet the date of supply of the required material. Upgrading the versions datasheett time to time during AMC and Warranty as applicable. Notification about the newly released versions Alpha, Beta and final of the supplied software should be intimated to SAC immediately after release date. Operationalization of stable version at SAC preferably within 10 days.

Acceptance Test will be carried out by SAC after installation and data migration from existing version to new version.

Letter from OEM taking responsibility for installation and commissioning should be furnished. SAC Intranet is not connected to Internet by any means of way. Currently all updates is automatically being carried out through Phantom Toggle mechanism which should be continued for new version and add on. Netcore eMail solution sd90c031 being implemented at SAC.

It has capability to pass all email through 3 AV solutions. TrendMicro solution should be seamlessly integrated with the same. Operation Support Qualified engineers and support staff should be deployed for handling following types of datqsheet to day operations a. SAC is procuring new machines as well as replacing existing machines. SAC may need to reformat some of the machine and AV solution is required to be reinstalled. TrendMicro should support the same.


TrendMicro should support ratasheet. SAC may migrate to Private cloud environment. Furthermore, current licenses should be migrated incrementally as per SAC cloud migration plan. Health of SAC infrastructure from the infection point of view is required to have close monitoring and generate alert to SAC. Should carry out detailed analysis in case of any threat. Although TrendMicro will be up-to-date, it is likely that machine s may get infected with new undetected viruses.

There should be a provision to scan and remove such virus with alternate AV solution Kit. Information about the new virus should be submitted to TrendMicro to get update as soon as possible.

Resolving operational issue within 6 hours from the time of reporting. The procedure should be clearly defined and submitted in technical quotation. OEM is responsible for above items a-i.

Letter from OEM taking responsibility of operational requirements should be furnished.

Warranty and AMC a. Terms and Conditions a. Vendor must quote for 5 years comprehensive warranty. Vendor should submit the letter from OEM indicating the product life cycle of supplied software is minimum 5 years. Vendor should submit full and final offer otherwise offer will not be considered for evaluation.

No query will be entertained after final submission. Any anticipated problem or prerequisites should be clearly mentioned in the quotation. Vendor must find out solution for any problem arises during the warranty period without any cost binding to SAC.

Follow the standard terms and conditions of SAC. Training and Documents a. Vendor should submit the above two letters section 1.

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Biding Model Two Part Tender 8. Support charges with taxes shall be made post-facto quarterly bases on certification ds90c301 competent authority. Security Deposit will be released only after satisfactory completion of the contract. All Tenderers are requested to datwsheet carefully the following instructions before preparing their offer.

This part should contain detailed specifications of the items quoted by you along with Technical literature and leaflets if any. A compliance statement showing the compliance of the item quoted by you with that of item tendered by us should be prepared and enclosed to this.

Any other information cs90c031 for in the tender related technical and specifications can also come in this part. Prices should not be indicated in this cover. Part — b Commercial terms: The commercial terms applicable for dds90c031 item quoted by you should be indicated in this part.

Prices should not be indicated in this part. However a copy of the price bid without prices can be enclosed in this part to enable to understand whether all the items required d90c031 be quoted by you have been quoted in the price bid.


Alternatively a statement is to be made indicating that you cs90c031 quoted prices for all the items as per the tender and enclosed in the Ds990c031 Bid as per the format. Ahmedabad — From: Tenderer shall indicate very clearly item-wise prices with reference to datashheet technical offer. Price part prepared as above shall be enveloped and superscribed as follows: DD towards Tender fee also is kept inside The Sr.

Being a Two-Part Tender, fax quotations will not be accepted. Please ensure your offers are received by mail before due date and time. This is applicable for import cases. Country of origin — to be declared in the invoice. Name and address of the Indian Agent. Percentage of agency commission included in the quoted price — payable in Indian Rupees only directly to the Indian Agent.

Validity of the offer- minimum of days from the date of opening. Cost of spares included in the price bid not included. Taxes in India to the account of Purchaser. Please indicate your Tax Registration Number. Installation in India will attract Service Tax If required, orders for supply and installation can be issued separately. Work order will attract work contract tax as per rules. Please confirm whether you have included WCT in your offer.

Hence no CD is to be included in your offer wherever applicable. Exemption certificate will be issued, if required. Purchaser is eligible for full Excise Duty exemption. Excise Duty exemption certificate will ds90d031 issued.

DS90C031 Datasheet PDF

For two part bids two separate sealed envelops are to be sent duly superscribed as follows: On the back side of the D. Language to be used in all correspondence — English Measurements — Metric system to be followed Whether prequalification ds90031 your facility procedure completed if applicable.

Warranty period — We need minimum 3 years from the date of acceptance. However the warranty requirement if projected in RFP shall prevail. Confirm whether you will be able to provide samples if called for, free of cost. Approximate weight net and gross of the consignment. LC extension charges to your account, in case of delay from your side. Items from latest production batch only are to be supplied. Wherever Export Licence required, payment will be made after getting datasyeet licence and after confirmation by the supplier, with a copy of Export Licence.

Datawheet Damages – 0.