The Egogram Test was developed by the psychologists J. M. Dusay and Dr. Erick Bern. The test identifies positive and negative aspects of your personality with. Egogram is a test which serves as a self-awareness tool. Take it as the mirror of your personality. On completion, you’ll find out how much emotional energy is. personality, ego, egogram, transactional analysis, analysis and phycological test, egogram has been originated and used widely in medical, clinical.

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Results 1 to 10 of Add Thread to del. The Egogram test The Egogram test I have not seen these tests here.

Energogram, Drivers and Life position Transactional Analysis tests: According to all your answers You appear to be a rather calm person, with no essential need to spend energy expressing yourself. You are better off with your inner life. Relating to the “Parent-Adult-Child” model, it can be stated that: You do egoggram pay much attention to rules or do not observe them at all.

You think that they are sometimes useless or too strict although necessary. You might sometimes make decisions casually. You have a good grasp of reality. You use your thoughts efficiently to guide your actions. You have a particularly “young” nature. You are essentially a sensitive person, with all of the excessive behaviour that that implies.

Your values and your involvement in others’ problems You are not a normative person at all.

Rules are quite unknown or useless to you. They do not concern you. Your way of taking into account your problems and those of others You do not allow yourself to get involved in others’ problems. You prefer to be an observer. Their problems do not concern you. Concerning reality and fact analysis You do not always rely on your thoughts to understand reality.

Thus you might sometimes lack objectivity. Concerning emotions, feelings and energy You do not always feel at ease. You ask yourself too many questions and it prevents you from making decisions. You have a quite normal imagination and you follow your intuitions to a reasonable degree.


You draw little energy from expressing your emotions.

The Egogram Test

Concerning your capacity for egogtam You are not particularly interested in or concerned with change. You are not a hindrance. You can even adapt yourself, you might be yourself changeable or even volatile.

Your dominant personality traits You have a strong personality and you might have mood swings. Egogrm might not be easygoing. Your need for recognition: You are quite insensitive to what people think of you. You behave however you please.

Your ability to assert yourself: You are a person who is too easily influenced by others. Your psychological autonomy Going egograk with the previous section, you have a rather weak psychological autonomy.

You seldom know what you want and you end up hesitating before acting.

You do not feel comfortable with yourself at all and you might often feel lost. You are trying to sort yourself out and you do not have the answers to your questions. You seem to be a fairly stable person with a good level of energy, who communicates well with others. You have an inner life and you also appreciate the world around you. You have values and observe the rules. You think that they are important and you are convinced of their usefulness. You do not always think before acting or making a decision in most situations.

You are a rather calm person. You express yourself with reserve. You have a certain need for recognition. You sometimes behave according to what people might think, without always depending on it.

You egogdam how to convince others and you have no trst asserting yourself. You are a rather self-assured person.

On the inside, you text trying to sort things out and you do not feel comfortable with yourself.

You might often question yourself, without finding any answers. This is seriously quite right about a lot of me! Thanks for putting the test up in here. You appear to be a rather calm person, with no esssential need to eyogram energy expressing yourself.

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I basically have no inner life to speak of at all. The affective side of your personality is quite important.

It can be understood to be the driving force of your behavior. You are not a normative person. You think rules are only necessary in making decisions, but nothing more. I think rules get in the way for decisions egovram. Please, this makes no sense. You often react instinctively without thinking. This could lead you to a certain instability. You have a good imagination, although you do not believe in fairy tales.

You are rather an emotional person who easily expresses your feelings. I’m a human with feelings but not at all emotional. People look at me say: Do you have feelings at all? You are an innovator. Very adaptable to change, you teest also capable of being a leader. Egotram, most of the time I am. Gauging the situation around me incl the humans means I’m easily influenced.

Your psychological autonomy Going along with the previous section, you are rather independent, psychologically speaking. When you decide something, it is not easy to stop you or to make you change your mind.

How can Teat then be assertive when going for anything? You feel comfortable with yourself.

Egogram | Profile Mapping | Testing & Career Assessment | Spring

You do not question yourself. Everything seems clear, maybe too clear. You might appear not to be sensitive or concerned with anything. Everything is clear and I question myself constantly. Higher than average “Adult” ; you interpret reality in a rational way. Higher than average “Child” dimension: Lower than average “Normative Parent”: In your mind rules are sometimes useful. You are everything but the good Samaritan.

Lower than average “Adult” dimension: You never question yourself before acting. Lower than average “Creative Child”: Your level of imagination or intuition is decent. Higher than average “Spontaneous Child”: