The Egogram Test Question 10 of If I want to say something, I say it. True Not sure. False. Calculating your result Other Tests. personality, ego, egogram, transactional analysis, analysis and phycological test, egogram has been originated and used widely in medical, clinical. This test is based on transactional analysis. One of the better approaches to understand what’s happening in the relations that we share with others. The test is.

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Easygoing, most of the time I am. What did you get?

You do not have a specific ability to change and you’re not a particular driving force. The most significant points 1. The results seemed to be representative of me in a broad sense. Your need for recognition: Last edited by Silent Theory; at You have an inner life and you also appreciate the world around you.

The Egogram test

Your dominant personality traits: You want to be close to others and be liked by them. Higher than average “Child” dimension: Thanks for putting the test up in here. You can even adapt yourself, you might be yourself changeable or even volatile. You are everything but the good Samaritan. You are rather an emotional person who easily expresses your feelings. Lower than average “Normative Parent”: This could lead you to a certain instability. Concerning reality and fact analysis Lower than average Normative Parent; In your mind rules are sometimes useful.


Your psychological autonomy Going along tet the previous section, you have a rather weak psychological autonomy. You are essentially a sensitive person, with all of the excessive behavior that that implies.

You are not particularly interested in or concerned with change. This is seriously quite right about a lot of me!

The Egogram Test

Lower than average “Creative Child”: By somfoolishfoole in forum What’s my personality type? You never question yourself before acting. You do not always rely on your thoughts to understand reality. You can be just as critical as you can be creative. Concerning your capacity for change: You use your thoughts efficiently to guide your actions.

You do not always feel at ease. Originally Posted by Cupcake Angel. It can be understood to be the driving force of your behavior. I won’t list all the detailed answers, but here are the two summaries from the end of the ‘test results’ page.


It might have influenced the result as I had to guess eggramme the question is about. Lower than average “Adult” dimension: You feel comfortable with yourself.

Weak Nurturing Parent; You are everything but the good Samaritan.

Your thoughts weigh on your actions too much egogrammd you might forget your emotions. Strong Child dimension; You are an emotional person with all of the excessive behaviour that this implies.

Generally speaking, you act without too much hesitation. Please, this makes no sense. You know how to convince egoframme and you have no problem asserting yourself.

You are an innovator. I’m a human with feelings but not at all emotional. You might often question yourself, without finding any answers.