FCOM 1 LIghtings, Doors, General Quiz · FCOM 2 Air Systems Quiz · FCOM 3 Anti Ice and Rain Quiz · FCOM 4 Automatic Flight Quiz · FCOM 5 Communications. FCOM AIRBUS A | Rating: 5! Documents. FCOM Airbus A → Size: MB. → Date: 3 years ago ( ). → Author: AIRBUS. → Uploaded. I found a FCOM for the BLR/F/ER! THIS ISNT MY UPLOAD! Cool – I found the Emirates FCOM too. Seems lots like to leak:P.

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According to unconfirmed reports fxom pilots were initiating a late go-around maneuvre for reasons yet to be determined. The flight was cleared to climb to feet, but eventually the aircraft lost height until it struck the runway again. The ground impact was heavy. Smoke and flames were seen trailing its right wing. An emergency evacuation was carried out immediately. A total of 13 people were treated for minor injuries.

2016-08-03 Emirates Boeing 777-300 crashed on landing at Dubai

Operations at Dubai Airport were halted for hours. Lots of delays and flight cancellations thoughout the next 36 hours was the result. It was Emirates 1st ever aircraft hull loss. A number of eyewitnesses stated the aircraft actually made a touchdown but lifted off the runway again in fckm apparent attempt to go-around.

According to their testimony there was evidence about a lack of engine sound and virtually no acceleration was felt in the seconds after first touchdown. Wreckage images show the nosegear bay doors still open left image indicating the gear was in transit at the time. The point of impact of the Aircraft with the runway was approimately 2, meters from runway 12L threshold, adjacent to the November 7 taxiway.

Marks on the runway indicated that the Aircraft slid for approximately meters along the runway with the three landing gears not fully up. The Aircraft came to rest adjacent to the Mike 13 taxiway, having turned to the right onto a heading of approximately degrees. The Aircraft aft fuselage lower section impacted first, followed by the engines, the lower section of the aircraft belly fairing, and then the forward fuselage and nose landing gear doors.


As it slid along the runway surface, various components fclm from the Aircraft. These components included portions of the engine cowlings, secondary support structures and parts of the wing to body fairings, access panel doors, and systems components. When the Aircraft came to rest, the primary structure was fcim with the exception of the No.

Boeing 777 Fcom Manual – pdf237.sildenafilhub.com

The current flight crew operating manual FCOM and the flight crew training manual FCTM used by the Operator contained go-around procedures and the applicable training guidance. The mode remains active even if the airplane touches down while executing the go—around. All of the cabin crewmembers stated that the flight was normal with some turbulence during the final part of the landing.

Cabin crewmembers seated towards the rear of the Aircraft indicated that they thought the main emiartes gear contacted the runway only for the Aircraft to become airborne again until it impacted the runway.

The cabin crewmember at the L1 door reported that during the impact, her seat base broke and folded downwards.

The senior cabin crewmember, sitting opposite her, confirmed that the cabin crewmember was hanging in her seat harness after the impact. He also noticed that the cockpit door had swung open. The cabin crewmembers at positions L1A and R1A reported that their seats had moved forward during the impact, and the cabin crewmember at the R5 door reported that a cabin panel had detached and fell in front of the door exit.

The window blinds in first class had moved to their closed position during the impact. The moment aircraft slid to a stop. There were passengers and crew on board. The Boeing aircraft, departed at We are in emiratez process of opening our customer assistance line and will share these details soon but at this stage we have no further information on what may have caused the accident.

Our priority remains with the passengers and crew involved. We are expecting a 4-hour network wide delay, more information will be available on the Emirates website and social media channels. It was on board passengers, including crew. The working trip plane Boeing took off from Travndram Emirtes Airport and was scheduled to land at Dubai International Airport at It will open in case Msaah customers line, and we will publish details as they become available.


The focus of our priorities in these circumstances to ensure the safety of all, note that currently we have not got any information about the cause of the accident. We expect a delay of four hours on the dates of our travels across the network. Please follow our website and our pages on social networking sites, where we will publish any information about the incident as they become available.

Any e,irates or corrections?

FCOM Boeing Book! – PMDG – The AVSIM Community

United Arab Emirates Flight phase: Mayday declared and evacuation initiated. All pax and crew survived without serious injuries.

For more information, please check the full report on the GCAA website. We expect a delay of four hours on the dates of our travels across the network Please follow our website and our pages on social networking sites, where we will publish any information about the incident as they ejirates available.

Order a Safety Report.

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The aircraft was seriously damaged when a fire broke out on the right wing immediately after touchdown. The aircraft was damaged when its nosegear collapsed on landing. All on board remained unhurt.