Read Enemies at the Altar by Melanie Milburne by Melanie Milburne by Melanie Milburne for free with a 30 day free trial. Read eBook on the web, iPad, iPhone. Sienna attended the funeral for the wealthy Guido Ferrante, in whose mansion her mother used to work as a maid, but just when she’s about to. The last time Andreas Ferrante saw Sienna Baker, she was naively trying to seduce him. While her provocative sensuality is emblazoned on.

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Overall book rating

The story starts at the reading of a will. They just call you on the phone and tell you what the departed has left for you. It does make for a dramatic scene, but a more informal meeting would have worked just as well in this story. But the other party cannot be named. When the lawyer assures Andreas and Sienna that there is no way around it, I wondered if he was just a stupid lawyer or he was kidding them along.


Actually, no lawyer worth his hire would allow a clause like that into a will, because it would invalidate the whole thing. Andreas watched his mother die of cancer enemiees his father take up with the housekeeper during her illness.

Sienna is, of course, her daughter. He wanted Sienna, only to be scandalized when a sex video of her appeared online a few years back. After he dumped her, she died of alcohol and drugs. Then Sienna went wild, then she married a much older manfor his money.

Enemies at the Altar – Melanie Milburne – Google Books

And because she cared for him. So these two detest each other for what seems like good reasons. Welcome back the Big Misunderstanding. Especially the one that could have been sorted out by a sit-down chat. For a wealthy man surrounded by bodyguards, Andreas seems amazingly clueless. There is, of course, the sexual attraction. So they argue a lot, climb into bed, argue some more, rinse and repeat, and then, finally, do some research and try to understand each other.


They do a lot of flouncing, mealnie Sienna.

The end is very rushed and the conclusion not terribly satisfactory. Someone with a bad girl past and the scars to prove it.

Enemies At The Altar by Melanie Milburne

The last time Andreas Ferrante saw Sienna Baker she was naively trying to seduce him. And as for marrying him…?

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