The largest verified database of nutrition information. Fuddruckers Nutrition Information, Calories, Allergens. Fuddruckers nutrition facts and nutritional information. Find calories, carbs, and nutritional contents for Fuddruckers and over other foods at.

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This is hardly a secret, and nutritional information is widely available from hundreds of sources online. Fast food chains have absolutely no responsibility to advertise their nutritional information if that information can be readily compiled from publicly available sources. Can you give an example of a Fuddruckers product whose nutritional information can be compiled from publicly available sources? I visited Fuddruckers today and asked for a nutritional value chart such as those put out by Nutritioh and BK and the like.

They told me all this can be found on the internet. I have fuddruckkers waive the bs flag here. I came across this thread during my search I’m about to go eat at Fuddruckers tonight, and I really wanted the nutritional information first! It’s so annoying when restaurants hide that from you – I just want to be aware of what I’m eating. I am on a pretty strict diet. I usually track what I eat right after I eat it, but when I came home to track my Fuddrucker’s chicken tenders, I had no luck.

I’ve been frantically searching for nutriton and have found nothing. I thought that it was mandatory for this information to be disclosed!! If you’re going to Fuddruckers or any other fast food burger place, chances are you are not going to get a ‘nutritional’ meal.

The food is good and you have the right not to eat there if you don’t want the calories. I am vegan my family is not but my teenagers like fast food on vacation as they rarely eat it. My kids are making their choices based on the lowest fat content on the nutrition sites so they can make a choice to split the meal with the lowest fat content.

I refuse to take them anyplace that will not post this information.

Nothing is lowfat at these places and the people eating it are not going to run away if they see a nutritional chart shame on Fuddruckers I vote with my pocket book. Ok, lets be realistic here, there really are no healthy fast food restaraunts out there. So it really doesnt matter if Fuddruckers publishes the correct menu or not, its damn unhealthy.

With all that said, I like to go to these places, and I will probably be paying for it when I am an old man. I asked a Fuddrucker’s manager what kind of beef they use, and he told me flat-out, without hesitation “we use beef. According to Calorie-King, that comes to about calories per 3oz serving. Pile that up with their butter soaked bun, three kinds of cheese and bacon, and well All you people who constantly “eat healthy” are going to be in the hospital some day dying of nothing.

Obviously if I wanted to eat completely healthy all the time, I wouldn’t have gone to Fuddruckers, however, I am following Weight Watchers and was trying to calculate what a grilled chicken breast might be. I too try to eat very healthy, but once a week I go out and have a “cheat meal”.

So yes, a healthy eater still might occasionally want to eat out and also know what is in the food they are purchasing, nothing abnormal about that. I am a mom of 4 but I am watching my weight. My kids wanted to go to Fuddruckers for a treat the other night.


I am not going to punish my kids because I am on a diet. I got a carribean chicken salad then came home to get the nutritionals off the internet. There were none and that makes me made.

I have found that after eating some salads I could have fuddruckees a kids burger without cheese and been better off. So I was curious to see if I had made a wise choice.

I am also tracking my fuddruckefs and wanted to know if I was able to have a snack later that night or if the calories were too high. Same here, I went for lunch today and ate a salad wow at the size. Beware it’s loaded with lots of oops like slivered almonds, cheese, and bacon and it comes with 2 pieces of buttery toast.

I emailed them when I got home so I could at least find out something about it.

I’ll let you know if I get a response! To put it in simple terms, if you are trying to “eat healthy” eating “fast food” or quick service dining Fuddruckers, TGI-Fridays, Appleby’s, Chili’s, etc. I found this thread because I too want to find Nutritional Information on Fuddruckerss. I know I went off diet when I ate there yesterday.

Fuddruckers Nutrition Guide

I wanted to know just nurition bad I went off. Don’t fool yourself into thinking you have “healthy” choices when eating Fast Food or Quick Service dining.

If dieting, simply stay away from these places. I would bet Fuddruckers Milk Shake has about calories else why not publish the information? I think this is a good assumption and was curious what others thought? Their nutrtional values must be outrageous for them not to post it. I was there yesterday for the first time and was not impressed to find no nutrition information.

Fuddruckers Nutrition Guide | Our Everyday Life

I am fully aware that there is no healthy option when it comes to fast food but would like to be able to make a half decent choice. It should be required of all eating establishments to post their information. Everyone telling people not to eat at Fuddruckers needs to hush. In the same way I have the right not to eat there, I also have the right to whine as loudly as I want about them not publishing nutritional info.

If I want guddruckers eat a calorie burger and then starve the rest of the day, that’s fuxdruckers business. I want Fuddruckers to publish their info, and I don’t care what you haters think about it. I understand the gripe here. Nutrltion want to know the nutritional content of what they are eating. However, Fuddruckers fuddruckerrs pretty much any restaurant is never going to present a healthy meal in the true sense of the word.

The bottom line is, if you eat at home for the most part and make healthy choices for those meals, one calorie trip to Fuddruckers will not hurt any. First of all, to the guy that said if you eat at Fuddruckers you are “off diet” You can’t be “on a diet” or “off diet,” because diet is simply all of the food you choose to eat.

That said, some people, like myself, like to know what the hell it is that we are putting into our bodies! We assume that a national chain would be responsible enough to provide us with that courtesy, but obviously that is not the case. And, just so you know, I had Chili’s for dinner last night IF nutritoon are informed!!!


I fuddruclers believe Fuddrucker’s hasn’t been sued for making kids fat, like Nutrution was I too just started counting calories and fat. But I can’t quit my family – I thought the Caribbean with dressing on the side would not be so bad. I mean lettuce, chichen, fruit, pico de gallo – and a small amount of salad dressing – however, since they don’t print any nutional info I just have to guess.

I did sent fuddruckers and email asking for their nutrional info – especially on their salads. I’d like to see everyone do the same. This has been an eye opener for me – I can tell you I will now be doing the research first – if there is no data, I’ll go elsewhere. My son is diabetic. Having carb info is essential for calculating the amount of insulin he needs to eat a meal. Type 1 diabetes means insulin allows a diabetic to eat; without insulin is certain death. Yes, we can guess on carbs, but it’s not always correct.

Why can’t nutrition info just be provided? I just ate there and kind of want to throw up, even tho it was delicious! First of all the bun is saturated in grease, as are the patty and any toppings. I had grease running down my arms. I guesstimate the burger itself bordered on calories. Fuddruckers is tasty but needs to be held accountable for what the hell they are serving. I can still feel the grease on the roof of my mouth The fact of the fuddruckrs is, in regards to providing nutritional data, ALL restaurants and food service companies should be required to provide the nutritional data on the food and meals they serve.

Its already required on the raw ingredients. Go to the store, there isn’t one item that does not carry the label of what’s in it and its nutritional data.

Why should a restaurant be any different. I personally boycott any restaurant that does not offer the info, because my daughter is diabetic Type 1 and guessing at the carb content is not something I’m going to do when it comes to her life. I fuddfuckers not advocating Fuddruckers here when it comes to nutritional value, but simply because a restaurant serves a burger and chicken strips does not make it fast food.

The truth of it is that when it comes to chosing food, the most important thing to consider is the realness and freshness of the ingredients, unless a doctor has butrition you to be on a restricted diet.

Cut mayo, bacon, and chose a salad over fries though their fries are actually better for you seeing as they are real potatoes. Also, the kids meal offers a smaller portion for those of you in Weight Watchers. Drink water with it and you should be fine. HAve a great day! I found this while googling Nutritiom nutrition info since it still isn’t on their website after all this time!! I think it’s pretty bad because there are people out there that can only eat fudvruckers things because of things like diabetes and certain food intolerances.

Personally, I was looking because I’m curious fuddrucker to just how “lite” the turkey, buffalo, veggie, and ostrich burgers are.