Learn John Coltrane’s iconic ‘Giant Steps’ solo. Arranged for guitar, full transcription and TAB. Download the PDF FREE. This is music sheet for Giant Steps by John Coltrane, written Can you send me the full transcribed solo when your done? send it to. TENOR SAXOPHONE. DAN HIGGINS. TENOR SAXOPHONE. FART Db. 86 elo. E? o. GIANT STEPS EXERCISE. JOHN COLTRANE. A C COLTRANE FS.

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Posts that don’t follow them will be removed. John Coltrane’s “Giant Gaint transcribed note for note youtu. I’ve been working on Paul Chambers’ bass line on this. I would kill to know why. These changes are super hard to walk over, especially at that speed, I wonder if that’s why. I feel like Coltrane just took everyone by surprise with this tune.

Giant Steps (composition)

They hadn’t rehearsed it, and the story I’ve read is that Tommy Flanagan pno had thought it was a ballad until they got into record it, which is why he sounds like he’s struggling zteps much in his solo. This treatment of harmony was also pretty new at the time, you have some Coltrane changes on Blue Train Lazy Bird and Moment’s Notice from 2 years before. But I’ll bet these were still outside of the usual patterns that players develop.


So having to play changes that you don’t really know at this tempo while someone records it, I’d probably find a groove and stick to it too! I’ve heard that they thought it was a ballad because of the harmony and weren’t prepared for the tempo. Wasn’t some of the music also rehearsed and recorded with a young Cedar Walton too?

Oh, giajt transcription’s here: I meant that the head of the tune in the animated video is in C. The solo is in Bb, but the head is in C, says that in the description. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. Jazz comments transcripfion discussions 1.

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John Coltrane’s “Giant Steps” transcribed note for note : Jazz

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This is such a good video.