Biography of Auliya Allah by Imam Yousaf Nabhani. A:Karamahis an extraordinary event which Allah (Exalted be He) bestows on a pious person as an honor to protect him against harm, benefit him, or help him. An-Nabbahanni said in “Jami Karamat ul Awliya” (v 2 p ). “Our Shaykh Ali Al-‘ Umari Ash-Shazili At-Trabulsi, the most famous of Awliya of.

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Miracles of the Awliya. The issue that comes to mind is this: In the same manner, underground water can be obtained by the spade, wheelbarrow and bucket. Miracles are not necessary indicators of closeness because the litmus test of being close to Allah is–as mentioned in the verse above: Another case highlighted by the Wahhabis and with which they have found fault is the consideration of some stones as sacred and making tawassul to them because they equate this recourse with a sort of idol-worship.

The Truth of Karamat-ul-Awliya’

But many of those who claim to have performed miracles or to whom people attributed miracles may have been lying or confused. They substantiate this statement of theirs with the verse. Yet, they persistently find fault with charities, alms and ziyarah to the graves of leading figures of the religion, and consider that all the problems of Muslims emanate from these issues.

Shaykh al-Islam may Allah have mercy on him said: More dirty stories quoted by Dr Salih. And with this belief, they have thus written: It brings upon one the wrath of Allah the All-Mighty and makes one’s wealth devoid of barakah and blessings.


The kagamat must be acknowledged that there is no Muslim country in which Muslims express reverence awluya a stone, regarding it as an intercessor, and if out of ignorance and heedlessness, some Muslims revere an old stone or tree, asking it for mercy, this practice must not be ascribed to Muslims in general.

The Miracles {Karamah} of the Saints of God {Awliya’ Allah}

Skip to main content. The Dajjal is a prime example of such a person.

Touching someone with his penis and showing it in public is totally Haram, total nonsense, and this is Shazili Sufism, it makes one loose his intelligence and accept pure falsehood. Indeed Allah does not waste the reward of the virtuous4. They are the following: And whenever the people of the world benefit from his good deeds, meritorious rewards shall be granted to him. What if there was some law of nature that awpiya not yet discovered?

Miracles of the Awliya – IOU Blog

When they are alive, everybody can benefit from their presence and when they die and are buried, people can establish spiritual communion with them, turning to them for help and seeking their intermediation.

Indeed Safa and Marwah are among Allah’s sacraments. The Qur’an enjoins the Muslims to perform prayer at this site: The commentator of oaramat book thus writes: Take the venue of prayer from Abraham’s Station.

The Shaykh said to me: Can Allah give such powers to people who do Zina with donkeys and have power to paralyze tribe leaders? In confirming this subject one may refer to many historical accounts and the sayings of leading Sunni personalities.


View this page in our App. Meanwhile, the ruling on the truly faithful persons is like the ruling on water.

It is thus stated in the kaaramat, Fath al-Majid: And whoever venerates the sacraments of Allah—indeed that arises from God-wariness of hearts. Now, if anyone believes that there is a difference between a awliga and a karamahemphasizing that mu’jizah refers to that which is performed by the prophets as narrated in the Qur’an while karamah refers to that which is performed by the infallible Imams ‘a as narrated in the traditions, it must be said that in any case, the pure Imams ‘a possess powers and forces which the common people undoubtedly do not possess, and it makes no difference whether you call it as mu’jizah or karamah.

Karzmat is one of the most heinous and severely admonished sins in Islam. And whoever is wary of Allah, He shall make a way out for him3.

Dirty stories of Yusuf An-Nabbahani in his “Jami’ Karamat Al-Awliya” | Umm-Ul-Qura Publications

What a shameful story!!! It is even reported that this man used to engage in shameful acts with donkeys! Thus, it is stated in the book, Fath al-Majid:. Thus, it is stated in the book, Fath al-Majid: