metodologija, edukologiniai tyrimai, IKT ir naujų Mokslinių interesų sritys: kokybiniai tyrimo metodai kokybinių tyrimų metodai, įskaitant etno- grafiją, žodinę. kokybiniu tyrimu metodologija pdf. Quote. Postby Just» Tue Aug 28, am. Looking for kokybiniu tyrimu metodologija pdf. Will be grateful for any help!. Šis kursas skiriamas studentų supažindinimui su kokybinių tyrimų metodika, taikoma įvairiose politikos tyrimų srityse (institucijų, viešosios politikos, politinės.

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Institutional Repository of Kaunas University of Technology: Questions from which consists the research problem are the following: Grounded theory is kokyblniu possibility within the naturalistic inductive paradigm.

The basis of this method is phenomenology and symbolic interactionism.

The term ”grounded” indicates that the theory is based on empirical findings. The term “theory” stresses that the purpose of this method kokybinu to develop either a substantial theory a description about some parts of reality or a formal theory a general theory about some phenomenon. The methodological aim of grounded theory is to generate or discover theory substantiated by abstract scheme of phenomenon, which is related to concrete studied situation, This is the situation where people interact, perform activities kokjbiniu are involved into process of content of concrete phenomenon.


Grindžiamoji teorija – kokybinė edukologijos tyrimų metodologijos strategija

A category in the study based on grounded theory methodology, is the unit of information about events, interactions and etc. The data is analyzed straight after every visit. The data collection continues until the categories are formed.

It means that the researcher through collecting the data makes the supplements or abbreviations in that way ,moving” forward and backward until here is nothing to add to the formed categories. The moving forward and backward means ,going” to concrete field kokybinlu collect the information: It is adequate to process of dialogue and opposite to traditional one – way linear process, where tyrimmu is collected the data, and after the data is analyzed.

The formed theory should he substantiated by collected data in research study, especially by concentrating on actions, interactions and social processes among people.

The theory is developing until the end of research and the researcher summarizes it by systemized description or narrative, or by visualized picture, or complex of preconditions. The aim of the researcher in the process of study to find the central category, which is in higher level of abstraction and is substantiated by collected and analyzed data.


This is based on the following phases: The research results illuminated that the primary result of kokybinui grounded theory is theory, which includes the specific components – central phenomenon, occasional conditions, strategies, content and states, consequences or results and that reflects the extracted categories, from which metodologjia the formed theory.


It is difficult to start the research study without ideas and preconditions in advance, i. The strong sides of tyirmu theory are the use of definite procedures in theory generating, flexible and systemic strategy of research performance and possibility to realize such kind of research studies in various professional areas.

In the article here is presented the concept of grounded theory as qualitative research methodology, as it is the research focus of presented descriptive research too, Research aim is to describe the peculiarities of grounded theory in the process of qualitative research methodology in education.