U1 The Sinister Secret of Saltmarsh Advanced Dungeons & Dragons Module Envoie les objets rapidement; Propose en permanence un service de qualité. Écran du Maître de Donjon (three-panel cardstock screen). Écran de Le Sinistre Secret de Saltmarsh (U1). US Version: The Sinister Secret of Saltmarsh ( U1). Les Peuples de Donjons & Dragons. Boxed Sets. Donjons & F GMSR3 Le Catalogue des Armes et équipements Le sinistre secret de Saltmarsh.

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Miniatures may be Lead or White metal, some parts may be plastic or resin. Items will be carefully and professionally packaged in bubble wrap and sent in a Jiffy bag. Metal miniatures are stripped unless sold as New or Paintedso you can see exactly what you are getting.

The picture shows the standard of the item that you will receive, likely not the actual one that you will receive. The picture may show a painted item so you secrret see what the figure can look like with time and effort. I try to get all items reconditioned back to what they were when originally sold. Any lead rot, it’s binned.

Damaged or poorly cast items are either binned, or if sold then they are clearly labelled as damaged, as people may want these for conversions. Books are sold as Reconditioned, if they are second hand, or New if they are mint. Additional pictures may show the reverse of item but you only get one of what is shown in the main listing picture.

If additional pictures show other items then they will be included. The listing may state “Dwarf 7 Dwarf Dwarves” this means that the original catalogue description was Dwarf 7 and the other descriptors are so people searching can find what they want.

Please read full description for exactly what you saltmarzh receive sinistree, and please be aware that bases are usually not included unless shown in the picture. Item received may be darker than shown, as the camera flash can make the item look brighter. Sorry, but I don’t take offers on the price. Please don’t contact me asking to buy items cheaper than shown, because if I start to, then I’ll be inundated with different people E-Mailing me, which it’s nice to chat, but I’d never get anything done.

Not that I’m big business, it’s just me in the back room. I wouldn’t want to be ripped off myself, and wouldn’t rip off others. I’ve been in contact with Games Workshop in the past, for their advice over this, I will report people who do, and will continue to do so. People who do so are stealing, and make peoples collections worthless. If you see it, report it. Pl ease use the basket and then request the combined invoice that will save secrret money.


If E-Bay won’t let you request an invoice, use E-Bay. COM sa,tmarsh other E-Bay sites. Also some mobile device Apps don’t allow it as they show less options on the page, if you use a PC, then it likely will.

Postage price includes the protective packaging and combined postage savings usually notice at 3 items or more. Please only pay the discounted postage invoice. If unhappy with the postage cost, please contact me, prior to paying, to discuss. Higher value orders will be sent signed delivery, this may also be dependent on the country and buyer ratings. Items are sent out the same or the next day. Unfortunately I have no control over rare postal delays, please be mindful of this if leaving low star ratings.

Check out my shop for quality, hard to find, original items available worldwide.

The shop links in this part of the listing will show more items for sale than other links or shop saltkarsh elsewhere on this page.

This series of modules take place in the Greyhawk setting. Having run this myself, I agree that it is a really great set, with a well thought out plot.

The players have to think saotmarsh what is happening, although they can be led easily sinitsre necessary. It has a more murder mystery plot, rather than the standard dungeon bash room clearance plod. U1 of the series was voted 27th greatest adventure of all time. I’ve taken as many pictures as I can to show this and someone has clearly had fun playing it in the past. I want you to know exactly what you’ll be getting.

Details on this module can be seen here: Swltmarsh shame as this consisted of thousands of hours of research and typing up. In the description I showed great painted artwork, pictures and the original catalogue pages to encourage people to paint and get involved in the hobby.

Basically everything about the era and miniatures that were produced during it. The new E-Bay policy did not allow people to leave E-Bay to see the information I mention above, elsewhere, even though elsewhere was not a sales platform and all my sales were through E-Bay.

I just wanted to show the catalogue pages, individual parts, how the items were put together and the finished item. As I said, personally it was easier for to delete the entire description, rather than just the small parts that were an issue. I only post to the invoice address. Please read saltjarsh, packaging, returns and payment details prior to bidding.


Item is in good condition, unless otherwise stated. There may be residual paint on it, all miniatures have been washed to remove any residual chemical paint stripper, but I advise washing in soapy water with a toothbrush prior to painting, due to handling. I’m a collector, and honest seller, with excellent feedback. If there is an issue, then please contact to discuss, prior to leaving poor sinlstre.

This is not a children’s toy. It is a collectable for adults and is not recommended for young children under the age of 14 years old. Please be aware that the items, and the packaging that they are received in, sinixtre a choking hazard and may restrict breathing.

Do not ingest and keep away from small children. Items received may contain Lead and other metals, do not place in the mouth or swallow as it may be harmful if eaten or chewed. Wash your hands after handling and keep away from foodstuffs. Use of gloves is advisable in handling, especially if you have allergies to the product.

AD&D – 9062 – U1 – Le Sinistre Secret de Saltmarsh

Items and parts sold may have sharp points, edges or a cutting blade, be aware and avoid puncture injury to secrer eyes. Store carefully as items may be a slip, trip or fall hazard. Pointez pour zoomer – Cliquez pour agrandir. Afficher les autres objets. Environ 44,37 EUR livraison incluse.

Full text of “Studies in Prose and Poetry”

Consultez la page eBay relative aux transactions internationales. B2 Module – TSR. Description Livraison et paiements. Visitez ma Boutique eBay. Page d’accueil de la Boutique. Informations sur le vendeur professionnel.

The business does not have a telephone number, but all E-Mails are aecret daily. Cliquez ici pour en savoir plus sur les retours. Saisissez un code postal valide.

Discount on postal costs offered when buying multiple items. Please choose the items, you can also place them in the E-Bay basket if you wish, but either way you must wait for a combined invoice before you sniistre pay. This way it’s cheaper to buy, also all items in your order can easily be located and any issues that could occur can be addressed rapidly. This works out cheaper for you, and easier for me.

Aucune Royal Mail International Standard.