In Forgive & Forget, Lewis B. Smedes show you how to move form hurting and hating to healing and reconciliation. With the lessons of forgiveness, you can. 10 quotes from Lewis B. Smedes: ‘To forgive is to set a prisoner free and discover that the prisoner was you.’, ‘Forgiving does not erase the bitter past. A healed. Smedes gives us pointers on how to do it. I’ll be happy if this summary whets your appetite to read the whole book. Forward: “If we wait to forgive people until.

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Trivia About Forgive and Forge The section on Confusion mentioned having smedss disagreement with someone that manifested itself over time and to a point that we no longer remembered what we were angry about. The Art of Forgiving ratings.

All of these make it a worthwhile book, even if the subject material of the book gorget not very pleasant. Basically no hurt to the person and more like holding a fire of hell burning you from inside! One of the troubles of forgiveness is understanding where emotions of wrongs felt and done fit into the act of forgiveness. In truth, even if the offender is not remorseful, forgiveness sets free the offended.

This is why, for all of us, no matter how badly we have been hurt or when and why it happened, the remedy has one name: We give them power to condemn their victims to live forever with the hurting memory of their painful pasts.

He has dealt with a lot in forgett past, but he should not be writing a book on forgiveness when it seems he has not truly grasped the concept himself. Rape, sexual abuse, bullying, adultery, and so on. Instead, forgiving what we cannot forget creates a new way to remember.


For those tired of the “steps” adn i. You still have to do all the hard work of applying what you have read. Forgiving Makes Life Fairer. The three stages are:. Forgiveness and reconciliation are by no means easy matters, but this is a good book to forgivee people to go through the process, as difficult and awkward as it is for all of us.

Refresh and try again.

Feb 22, Deanna rated it it was amazing Shelves: I now believe this to be true – to forgive is to gain freedom while not negating the depth of hurt or giving the offender a free pass per se. It doesn’t mean we want to be friends with them anymore, but we no longer carry around a seed of hate. To stay angry at a person changes us and wastes energy.

Recommended by my pastor. But, since I could not have the ending without first having the beginning, I thank God for getting me going and bringing me home. May 07, Leila rated it really liked it. The first work, Forgive and Forget is a recognized classic on the subject. I read an article recently on forgiveness and this book was referenced several times so I decided to read this and delve deeper into the study of forgiveness.

A must for those who need to come out from big time dissappointment or betrayal as one whole and to understand what forgiving really is.

Forgive and Forget: Healing the Hurts We Don’t Deserve

With the lessons of forgiveness, you can establish healthier relationships, reclaim the happiness that should be yours, and achieve lasting peace of mind. Forgive and Forget Lewis B. It is best to use both volumes, but if you use only one, it should be The Art of Forgiving.


All Quotes Add A Quote. Now its been awhile and I can apply some of it. Lewis Benedictus Smedes — December 19, was a renowned Christian author, ethicist, and theologian in the Reformed tradition. Books by Lewis B.

Lewis B. Smedes Quotes (Author of Forgive and Forget)

We look the evil full in the face, call it what it is, let its horror shock and stun and enrage us, and only then do we forgive it. Freedom is strength; you now you have it when you have the power to forgive.

I thought there were a couple of contradictions, and I disagreed greatly with one major aspect which he seemed to later contradict himself about. Jul 28, Azimah Othman rated it it was leiws. The book makes wonderful use of literary examples and parables, but I think the author used too many examples from his own personal life.

This is a book that knows its place within the larger context of the works on the subject, and an author that speaks about forgiveness from the best point of view to have, of someone who has struggled to forgive others, and someone who knows deeply what it is like to be forgiven. We give the monsters the last word. Select Ministry Resource Guides, Press here. For me, this book validated thoughts and emotions along with helping me to forhet to release them in a healthy way. In most cases, however, this is incredibly difficult.